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Cultural diversity

Presentations are available from the following events:

2016 From Multiculturalism to Inclusion Conference

The theme for this local government multicultural policy development conference was “From Multiculturalism to Inclusion”. Hosted by the City of Greater Dandenong, it featured keynote speaker Mariam Issa of Resilient Aspiring Women and focused on shifts from multiculturalism to ‘interculturalism’ and inclusion; diversity and intersectionality; social cohesion; the importance of language; identity and belonging; sector and governmental leadership on cultural diversity planning, and policy and practice examples from metropolitan and regional councils.

Conference details including speakers and their biographies can be found in the program (Word - 240KB), and presentations are below.

Exploring Policy Approaches: Specific, universal and mixed approaches to supporting multicultural communities

Breakout sessions

Countering Racism & Islamophobia

Diversity within Diversity

Social Cohesion, Welcoming Cities & Victoria’s Community Resilience Unit

Countering Islamic State ideology

Sector and Governmental Leadership in Social Policy & Inclusive Economic Growth

Cultural Identity, Religion, Language & Belonging

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2014 Opportunities for Partnerships Conference

The theme for this local government multicultural development conference was opportunities for partnerships, both intergovernmental and with non-government organisations and the community sector. This event focused on the municipal role in settlement planning, social cohesion and access and equity.

Read the Opportunities for Partnerships conference report (Word - 2.28MB).

Fatima Shama's keynote address

Plenary presentations

Breakout A: Settlement planning

Breakout B: Social cohesion

Breakout C: Access and equity

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2016 VLGMIN Forum: The Economics of Multiculturalism; Benefits, Barriers & Business

This Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network (VLGMIN) forum brought together current research and case studies about harnessing the economic benefits of multiculturalism.

These benefits include more skilled labour, job generation, economic growth and innovation, improved regional development and increased community reach.

Presenters and participants also discussed the barriers to legal and meaningful employment for multicultural communities; such as discrimination and complex systems; and council collaborations with corporations and industry.

The forum was facilitated by Rafael Epstein and generously hosted by the City of Greater Geelong, in partnership with the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV), Welcoming Cities and the MAV.

Conference details including speakers can be found in the program (PDF - 204KB), and below are some of the presentations given at the forum:

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2015 VLGMIN Forum: Preventing violence against women

The theme for this forum was 'Preventing Family Violence in Multicultural Communities'.

Participants heard national, state and local perspectives; workshopped the difference between prevention, intervention and response approaches to family violence; and were presented with a showcase of the initiatives being undertaken at a local government level to address violence against women in multicultural communities.

This forum was hosted by Brimbank City Council, open to council and community agency staff and attracted almost 100 delegates.

2014 VLGMIN Forum: Multicultural Arts

In 2014, the Forum focused on arts and culture themes in partnership with the Cultural Development Network and Multicultural Arts Victoria.

It was held on Thursday 30 October at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka and hosted by the City of Ballarat.

2013 VLGMIN Forum: Workplace Diversity: Workforce for the Future

This annual forum discussed research findings that show people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are significantly under-represented in the local government workforce.

It covered workforce profile and planning, the benefits of a culturally diverse workforce, EEO and human rights perspectives, and current good practice.

We once again partnered with the VLGMIN to deliver the forum.

See the presentations from the 2013 VLGMIN Forum:

2011 VLGMIN Forum: The Role of Local Government in Settlement & Multicultural Affairs

The VLGMIN background paper on The role of local government in settlement and multiculturalism (Word - 285KB) was prepared by Myriad Consultants.

The resource was produced following the VLGMIN annual forum hosted by Monash Council held in September 2011 in partnership with the MAV.