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Our annual report gives a comprehensive overview of each of our policy and service areas including, insurance, human services and public health, procurement, environment, planning, transport and infrastructure.

2019-20 Annual Report

In 2019-20, the MAV delivered significant outcomes for our members including funding wins, sector-wide efficiency improvements, raised the profile of member councils’ good work and encouraged continued innovation to drive business transformation. Members have benefited from our advocacy and engagement activities – particularly in response to the Bushfire and COVID-19 crises, our procurement services, and our Insurance and WorkCare schemes.

Our achievements delivering on the strategic plan priorities, our financial results and Board governance reports are all available below.

2020 Annual Report Summary

Picture of the cover of the MAV's Annual Report

2019-20 MAV Board & Governance Reports

Picture of the cover of the MAV's Board and Governance Report

2019-20 Financial Report

Picture of the cover of the MAV's Financial Report

2019-20 Strategic Plan Outcomes Report

Picture of the cover of the MAV's Strategic Plan Outcomes Report

2019-20 MAV Occupational Health & Safety Report

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2018-19 Annual Report

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