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Circular economy requires national action

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There’s plenty of garbage spoken throughout election campaigns, but not nearly enough focus on the circular economy. The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) is hoping to change that.

MAV has long advocated for more action on the circular economy from the federal government and is calling on all parties and candidates to support a move to a more sustainable future.

MAV President, Cr David Clark, said Victoria’s councils are calling for:

  • Effective national product stewardship schemes for all electronic waste, tyres and packaging to ensure that doing the right thing doesn’t cost the community more
  • Federal guidance and advice on how to unlock the circular economy locally, particularly in rural, regional, and remote areas
  • Additional funding, and support, to assist Local Governments to transition to better practice kerbside collection services
  • $100 million per annum over four years to fund Local Government circular waste innovation projects.

“Councils need greater funding and support to assist in reducing waste sent to landfill and transitioning to a circular economy and we’re calling on the next federal government for serious investment in recycling infrastructure, market development and bolstering community education,” Cr Clark said.

“We want to see an effective product stewardship implemented for all waste producing products. That means producers bear the cost of the waste their products create, establishing real incentives to avoid waste, rather than communities having to pick up the cost.

“Moving to the circular economy is not something one level of government can do alone. Councils wants to work with the federal government to develop and deliver policy and programs that support a smooth transition.”

For further information, contact the MAV Strategic Communications team on (03) 9667 5590.