CASBE governance

Our membership has grown from 10 Victorian councils in 2010 to more than 20 in 2018.

CASBE Network meetings are open to all Victorian councils, and are held every two months at the MAV’s offices. These forums provide an opportunity for councils to share experiences while contributing to our programs and initiatives. Short presentations from key industry stakeholders are included at each meeting.

There are currently three working groups which meet in addition to and outside of the Network meetings, to focus on specific tasks or topics. These working groups are:

  • ESD Local Planning Policy Group – for councils pursuing a local ESD Policy
  • Referrals Working Group – for council ESD Officers
  • BESS Governance Board.

The CASBE Network also communicates through the CASBE Yammer page - a private forum for council officers to share ideas and collaborate. Please contact if you wish to be part of the CASBE Yammer online discussion group.

We are guided by the CASBE Steering Committee, which is comprised of one representative from each member council. This is the decision-making forum for the group, meeting three times a year to provide strategic, financial and project direction.