Port Philip Bay coastal planning project

What we are doing

Planning for coastal areas, including coastal hazards, is a responsibility shared by Federal, State and local government. Land use planning is one of the levers available to help manage risk from sea level rise, tides, storm surges and coastal processes.

A need was identified for better, more tailored, land use planning guidance for councils to manage the risk from coastal hazards. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has provided a funding grant to assist. The project will:

  • Develop a practical guide for councils about land use planning for coastal hazards and adaptation.
  • Prepare a local baseline assessment against the guide for each of the 10 councils with frontage to Port Phillip Bay (which collectively come together as the Association of Bayside Municipalities - ABM) and identify prioritised planning scheme and related land use planning responses.
  • Prepare an implementation plan for each council.


The MAV and Association of Bayside Municipalities are working cooperatively on the coastal planning project.

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Naree Atkinson
Project Manager
(03) 9667 5583