Central enrolment project

Central Enrolment (CE) refers to a centralised kindergarten registration process for families that operates within a given municipality.

It allows State-funded kindergarten places to be allocated equitably to eligible children, in line with Department of Education and Training (DET) Priority of Access guidelines.

It makes access to a kindergarten place equitable, simple and consistent for local families.

It assists councils to obtain vital planning data and relieves the administrative burden for local parent committees and service providers.

About the project

The Central Enrolment Project has been established, in partnership with the MAV, to roll out the $5.5 million State budget commitment over four years as outlined in the Education State Early Childhood Reform Plan (PDF - 3.82MB), to support councils to adopt, expand and enhance central enrolment across Victoria.

As part of the Project, 52 councils received development grants in November 2018 to establish new schemes, or strengthen and enhance existing schemes.

Ongoing funding of $1.1 million per annum is allocated to provide administrative support to councils running a central enrolment scheme .

Strengthening the capacity of kindergarten central enrolment across the state is an implementation priority identified in Supporting Children and Families in the Early Years: A Compact between the Department of Education and Training (DET), the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Local Government (represented by the Municipal Association of Victoria) (PDF - 342KB).

A Central Enrolment Working Group (CEWG), with broad council representation and central enrolment expertise has been established to support the implementation of the project.


The Kindergarten Central Registration and Enrolment Scheme (CRES) best practice materials are now available on the Victorian Government website.

Developed in partnership with the Municipal Association of Victoria, these materials provide a best practice model for local councils and other organisations to support families and carers enrolling their children in kindergarten.

A co-design process was undertaken with key stakeholders including councils, service providers, MCH, peak bodies and support services, the CRES is a best practice model for local councils and other organisations to support families and carers to secure a kindergarten place for their child. It is underpinned by six principles that promote consistent, inclusive and equitable access for families, service providers and support services.

The model is supported by practical guides, tools and templates which can be easily adopted and tailored to each councils' circumstance. The resources include:

  • CRES Development Guide and related materials, to be used to establish, improve or expand a scheme
  • CRES Practice Guide and related materials, detailing the steps to operate a best practice scheme
  • CRES Self-Assessment Tool, a self-reflective tool for CRES providers to identify areas for growth and to support continuous improvement.

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