Municipal early years plans

The Resource Guide to Municipal Early Years Planning (PDF - 514KB) was reviewed in June 2022.

The refreshed MEYP Guide (PDF - 514KB) has been significantly updated and is written to be accessible electronically as it includes many links to useful resources, literature, and documents.

Municipal Early Years Plans (MEYPs) usually focus on early years 0 – 8 but can span from early years to young adulthood.

Although MEYPs are not statutorily required, they are important for the strategic alignment of effort across a council to achieve the health and wellbeing of children in a municipality, and to influence and improve their educational and developmental outcomes.

The importance of local government in leading local policies, developing and delivering programs and providing infrastructure that can influence the health, education and wellbeing of its younger population is well recognised and reflected in their MEYPs.

Visit each council website to view their MEYP.

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