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Our MAV - President's update

MAV President's Update - sent on 24 June 2022

Dear friends and colleagues,

A sincere thank you to all MAV representatives, Mayors and CEOs who attended our State Council meeting today – the first of three that we will host this year. Once again, it was a packed agenda and a lively yet respectful discussion. We posted highlights of the day on LinkedIn.

For me, State Council is the parliament of Victorian Councils. It is where we deal with the issues affecting you, your constituents and communities.We debated and resolved many important, relevant and timely matters today that affect not only our own municipalities, but indeed our sector as a whole. Please see my President’s Report here.

This year we received 90 motions that had a relevance to our strategic objectives.

I was delighted to hear from our guest speaker - ALGA President, Cr Linda Scott, who joined us off the back of a very successful National General Assembly earlier this week. Linda provided her insights on working with the new Albanese Government as well as her observations as to the strengths and common challenges of the local government sector across Australia.

I was also pleased to be one of the significant number of Victorian delegates, along with MAV Vice President Cr Rohan Leppert, to attend what was the biggest National General Assembly the Australian Local Government Association has ever held.

Speeches from keynote speaker Stan Grant and the newly appointed Ministers for Local Government Catherine King and Kristy McBain MP were complimented by numerous networking opportunities and many important motions were debated across the four-day event. Check out a range of images from the Assembly here.

On another note, the MAV will soon have a new home at 1 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne. With staff and Board input, we will create a great new workplace that enhances a vibrant and collaborative culture and includes facilities for our members. It’s close to Parliament, government departments, public transport and carparking. More details coming soon.

Review of the MAV’s Rules – next steps

Today was a milestone for the review of the MAV’s Rules of Association as we sought your feedback on several proposed changes.

Thank you for your consideration and endorsement. Your participation has ensured that this has been a comprehensive review of our governance model and will mean that we are best placed to support the sector now and into the future.

After your directions today, the Board will provide instructions to Mark Hayes at Maddocks who will draft the new Rules.

When we next meet in September, we will require 60 per cent of MAV representatives to vote in favour of any proposed amendments and the Governor in Council must also approve the changes.

As the September meeting of State Council will be closely followed by a State Election, our goal is to have the new Rules operational for the Presidential and Board elections in March 2023 but that will depend on the timing of Governor in Council approval.

State Election – Platform Launch

The 2022 State Election, hot on the heels of the Federal Election, provides a unique opportunity for local government to come together and ensure the delivery more positive outcomes for councils and communities.

It is imperative we make sure the next State Government – no matter its stripes – understands and acts on the needs of communities through their local councils.

Government needs to focus on getting back to making decisions not just on the cost of living, but also the quality of living.

The next State Government has the opportunity to harness the extensive local knowledge each one of you gathered here in this room has to shape the future of the state – through better, locally targeted infrastructure projects, circular economy solutions and emergency management resources.

Today we identified the key issues of our state election platform and share the “asks” that we will campaign for. Our state election campaign will focus on these opportunities over the six weeks before the election, and we will need the support of councils across the state to ensure our voice is collectively as powerful as possible.

More details will be coming to you and your council communicators shortly.

MAV Strategy – year one report

It has been a busy 12 months as the first report on our 2021-25 MAV Strategy attests. Read the report here (PDF).

Firstly, we continue to have the full participation of all 79 Victorian councils in MAV. We thank you for your support, for as always, we are stronger together.

And we need to be as one – for very little that we deal with is not sector wide, and it impacts in undertaking our legislated responsibilities as well as our role in servicing communities.

We will provide further details in our Annual Report, which is expected to be completed by last October.

Warm regards,

Cr David Clark
MAV President


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