With uncertain future economic conditions and the introduction of rate capping, it is essential that councils are continuously looking for ways to increase efficiencies when delivering their services to the community. The LEAP Program has been specifically designed to:

  • build capability and provide a cost-effective way for participating councils to continuously improve their procurement and contract management performance
  • find sustainable budget savings
  • encourage growth in local economic development
  • demonstrate their capacity to deliver savings and collaborative solutions at a council and/or regional level.

It focuses on utilising your real data to inform spend analysis, benchmarking and performance development to drive continuous improvement in organisational procurement and contract management practice.

The program is specifically designed to support regional groups of councils to participate together to not only drive individual performance, but to develop and implement collaborative activity based on detailed regional data analysis.

LEAP is made up of three phases:

  1. Assess – data, practice and opportunities
  2. Develop – LEAP plans for improvement
  3. Implement – LEAP plans for better performance.

Why procurement?

Councils spend between 45-60 per cent of their annual budgets on procurement – over $4 billion buying similar categories of goods, services and works.

Good practice procurement and contract management is a vital contributor to council success driving:

  • cost savings
  • internal efficiencies
  • improved performance
  • reduced probity risk
  • strengthened local and regional economic development.


There has been a widespread call for an ongoing continuous improvement program to build on recent development work and ensure Victorian councils are at the forefront of procurement performance.

The MAV LEAP Program is based on highly successful practice analysis and development models successfully tested in NSW and SA but tailored specifically for Victorian councils.

It is designed to assist councils, regions and the local government sector to:

  • achieve sustainable savings and value for money
  • support local and regional economic development and other triple bottom line objectives
  • identify and pursue shared services opportunities
  • improve probity management and compliance
  • improve organisational and sector capability.

Procurement dashboards

The MAV LEAP Program is based on an assessment of current practice and analysis of expenditure provided in flexible, interactive online dashboards.

The data analysis and categorisation will be done for your team by ArcBlue, converting your raw data into easy-to-interpret, categorised dashboards that will support staff at all levels. Dashboards will identify opportunities for savings and improved probity, performance and collaboration.

The dashboards will be provided via a secure online connection which means that implementation will have no impact on your IT infrastructure.

This will be the first time that councils, regions and the sector will have had access to a cost effective way to fully report on and analyse their procurement expenditure.

Examples of dashboards include:

  • top 20 suppliers
  • category spend
  • local spend
  • invoices and purchase orders
  • cumulative spend compliance
  • contract and aggregator spend
  • procurement KPIs
  • performance benchmarking.


Benefits for councils and regions participating in the MAV LEAP Program include the following:

  • ability to monitor compliance with policy and probity performance
  • visibility of category and contract savings opportunities
  • better management of your Procure-to-Pay process efficiency
  • inform regional collaborative procurement projects
  • sector wide and regional benchmarking and performance tracking
  • driving shared services delivery of Procurement and other LG services
  • developing the capability needed to deliver real outcomes through procurement
  • delivery of targeted support to each Council and regions to continuously improve
  • consolidation of regional and sector information to inform strategic sector development support
  • a single point of access to all your spend dashboards, procurement benchmarking and performance reporting.


The annual cost to participate in the program is $9,000 excluding GST.

The subscription price includes:

  • procurement dashboards and spend and opportunity analysis
  • facilitated LEAP workshops and category management sessions
  • access to regional dashboards
  • standardised documents and Templates, statewide contracts register(coming soon)
  • continuous procurement development support through MAV Procurement.


The MAV has partnered with ArcBlue, one of Australia's leading procurement consultancies and trainers to facilitate the program. Their consultants are highly experienced in working with local government, delivering procurement development programs for over 200 councils across Australia in recent years.

LEAP Whitepaper

The introduction of rate capping in Victoria has seen councils across the sector place a greater emphasis on procurement practices, frameworks and outcomes.

Based on sector engagement in the LEAP continuous improvement program, MAV Procurement in collaboration with ArcBlue Consulting has developed the annual whitepaper series titled "Benchmarking to Enhance Procurement Outcomes"

This annual series provides insights into the current state of procurement across the Victorian sector and establishes benchmarks and highlights existing opportunities for growth within the sector. The aim of this whitepaper is to aid council executives and procurement teams in assessing how effective their procurement practices are and to assist in identifying new opportunities to help councils do more with less.


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