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Delivery curfews are not impacting supermarket stock

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The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) says Victorian councils are working closely with the State government, supermarkets, transport companies and the community to address increased consumer demand in our supermarkets.

“We are bemused with some of the commentary about delivery curfews causing the lack of supply in supermarkets.

“Claims that curfews are contributing to the problem of empty supermarket shelves in Victoria are simply false. Councils are actively working with supermarkets and shopping centre management to support delivery access outside of normal hours.

“In fact a number of Councils have appointed dedicated liaison officers to work proactively with local supermarkets.

“Usual requirements are being waived so shelves can be restocked quickly and efficiently. Councils are collaborating with key organisations in the best interests of the community.

“Panic buying has led to the shelves being empty, not curfews. We urge people to remain calm and only purchase what they need.

“There is enough food and other goods in our system for everyone. It is highly concerning that vulnerable community members are missing out because of hoarding behaviour,” said MAV President Cr Coral Ross.

For further information, contact MAV President Cr Coral Ross on 0438 005 225 or the MAV Communications Unit on (03) 9667 5590.