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MAV and Local Government support artists

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Local Government is committed to the creative sector and supports all art forms at all levels across the State.

Victorian councils are a major stakeholder of arts and culture contributing almost 30% (2016-17) of the total government investment, and improving amenity, liveability and community connection through libraries, galleries, theatres, creative spaces, festivals, events, grants and partnerships.

To this end, we have articulated local government's commitment to the arts, artists and our culture both pictorially as well as in a Statement of Commitment (attached).

Councils are the backbone of this Creative State providing artists and people who work in the arts with the support they need to flourish. In turn artists inspire, nourish, amuse and provide invaluable economic, social, cultural, health and wellbeing benefits to our communities.

Feel free to use some of the statistics outlined in the attached Statement in an email to your community, post your own accompanying video, or share the video as it is to your networks. The Social Media Platforms may include:

  • Facebook - general council, as well as art gallery, performing art centre, library, museum pages
  • Twitter - personal and council accounts
  • LinkedIn - personal and council accounts

Please use the MAV tag @Municipal Association of Victoria on linkedIn (the logo will appear as you begin to enter this name) and @VicCouncils on both Twitter and Facebook

as well as any of the following tags


We look forward to working with you to rebuild Victoria's creative sector, and as restrictions ease, welcome back artists and audiences.