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Councils seek action to improve the economy and liveability

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Victorian councils are calling on all political parties to commit to 42 actions ahead of the November state election that will grow Victoria’s economy, improve liveability and support stronger communities.

Cr Mary Lalios, President of the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) said it was important that the next State Government worked together with local government to ensure all Victorian communities receive the services and infrastructure they need to prosper.

“We have a growing and ageing population. There are clear pockets of advantage and disadvantage.

“Communities face differing challenges across the state, and councils are on the front line providing services, programs and infrastructure that respond to local needs,” she said.

“The 42 commitments identified for political parties would help to share the state’s booming population growth, transform local service delivery, improve liveability and sustain our natural resources.

“We have the fastest growth in Australia, with more than 300 new residents calling Victoria home every day. One of the key commitments we seek from political parties is a population strategy to 2050.”

Cr Lalios said that with the right support, local government could be more effective as a key partner to deliver a better future for all Victorians, regardless of where they live.

“Our rural areas require adequate provision of essential services, as well as policies to increase their population and diversify local economic opportunities.

“Communities in growth areas require services and infrastructure to be provided in a timely way. They should not be left waiting for health and family services, transport connections and other basic infrastructure years after they are settled in new suburbs and towns.

“And metropolitan areas also face liveability challenges, particularly in relation to housing and congestion as a result of Victoria’s unprecedented population growth.

“Government leadership is overdue to drive the strategy that helps Victoria to improve its response to the needs of our growing and ageing population, while also making our regions more productive.

“It’s a crucial missing policy to guide long-term prosperity for our regions and reduce the impacts of Melbourne’s population boom to retain our status as the world’s most liveable city.

“A population strategy would also help all levels of government to work together to ensure services and infrastructure are provided where and when communities need them.

“Local government has identified solutions that can strengthen our economy and improve liveability for all Victorians. We call on each political party contesting the November state election to commit to the 42 policy changes and funding proposals outlined in our Call to Parties,” she said.

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View the Call to Parties at:

Contact MAV President, Cr Mary Lalios on 0447 189 409 or MAV Communications on 9667 5521.