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Victorian Councillor Service Awards

The Councillor Service Awards recognise Victorian councillors for their long service to communities and are presented at the MAV Annual Conference Dinner or equivalent event. These awards comprise two categories.

Award Categories

  1. Years of Service
    Any serving councillor that has completed10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 years of cumulative service as a councillor in Victoria. Periods served over multiple municipalities that are not necessarily in consecutive years are counted as eligible years of service.
  2. Mayor Emeritus
    Awarded to any serving councillor that has completed three full terms as Mayor in Victoria. This award can only be received once by a Mayor.


A full term is considered 12 months, commencing in November and concluding in October each year, with the exception of an election year when length of service may be less than 12 months due to the election date set by the VEC. Where this is the case, the term of service is still considered a full term.

Throughout their term, councillors often take leave of absence i.e., parental leave, extended sick leave, extended leave associated with their employment, leave to campaign for political office. Periods of leave are included in the service of a councillor or mayor and do not affect their eligibility for the award.

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